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eAssist is looking for dental billing experts to join our team
of Success Consultants. We are looking for passionate and positive-minded independent contractors who love change, serving others and doing the right thing.



Who we are

We are the nation’s leader in outsourced dental billing. Our clients require highly skilled dental office managers that can consult with client offices about their collection issues, post all patient EOBs properly to patient ledgers, read radiographs, direct staff, appeal denied dental claims, and manage the client’s insurance accounts receivables.

eAssist dental billing exists for two reasons. First, to help our client dentists enjoy the practice of dentistry by helping them collect 100% of what they produce. Secondly, to provide a meaningful career path and the freedom to work from home for Dental Office Managers looking for more security.


Are you looking to join an achievement driven and drama-free team working for the nation’s leaders in outsourced dental billing?
Here’s the kind of person that will be amazing as an eAssist Dental Billing Success Consultant:
  • You have a minimum of 2 years accumulative dental insurance billing experience (you’re proficient in dental claim submission, insurance payment posting, contractual adjustment posting and appealing claims), and can show this experience is within the last 12 months.
  • You’re proficient in dental practice management software and you have a dedicated PC or Mac with high-speed internet.
  • We test for grammar and strong communication skills, so you can demonstrate your ability to communicate in both written and verbal form (and not just list “proven communication skills” on your resume).
  • You constantly look for new and different ways to do things and you push yourself to learn something new every day. If a change heavy work environment that regularly pushes you outside your comfort zone sounds intimidating or unpleasant, you probably won’t be happy in this position.
  • Doing great work brings you satisfaction, even if it’s not publicly recognized, and you truly want to work hard.
  • If easy goals appeal to you, you probably won’t be happy working with eAssist.
  • You’re self-motivated and excellent at managing your time as an Independent Contractor while being a team player in working with other contractors and coaches.
  • You can pass a background test.
  • Are We Currently Hiring: Yes
  • Job Code: Dental Jobs from
    Home GHDF2389
  • City: Anywhere USA
    (dental jobs from home)
  • Country: United States of America
  • Job Type: Dental Billing
    Jobs from home
Minimum Requirements
  • 2 years of dental front office management experience and knowledge.
  • The ability and desire to set your own schedule and work from the convenience and comfort of your home office.
  • Self motivated entrepreneur mindset
  • Friendly and professional
    phone skills
  • Current Computer & Internet
  • Tired of your dead end job at a dental office? Jump start your career using the skills you’ve developed to service multiple offices rather than just one.
    Enjoy the freedom that comes
    from setting your own schedule, managing your own time, and
    being accountable to no one
    but your customers.
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